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Finding Miriam (Free Chapter)

by Laju Iren • January 22, 2019

Chapter One Miriam hated this place. When Goch asked her how good her Hausa was, she thought he just needed a brief translation, she had no idea that this was what he had in mind. The blazing hot sun seeped through her cotton blouse, heightening her irritation even more. “Oga, I thought you said your […]

Four lessons in my fourth year of marriage

by Laju Iren • October 31, 2018

By Laju Iren   Every anniversary, I write a post about the lessons I’ve learned in the number of years I’ve been married. This year, I’ll limit it to the number of lessons I’ve learned specifically in this fourth year. I’m doing this for a number of reasons, chief being that I’m now a mother […]

Loving Amanda (Free Chapter)

by Laju Iren • July 29, 2018

Chapter One How difficult could it possibly be? Goch cleared his throat for the umpteenth time since the journey began. When he made up his mind to finally start preaching in the bus during last night’s service, he had no idea that his palms would be so sweaty. The bus left the park only three […]

Laju Iren: My links

by Laju Iren • February 13, 2018

Welcome to my World!

Sex: After court or church wedding?

by Laju Iren • August 15, 2017

  I know it’s #Dauntless #SelfiesWithBibleGirls season. But I’m still a #relationshipblogger so I feel the need to make clearer what should be done as regards this ongoing debate. Interestingly, I had answered this in another book I’m working on, so I practically copied and pasted from the draft. Que: We have done the court […]

Barrenness, Lies & Laughter (Selfies With Bible Girls)

by Laju Iren • July 19, 2017

Purchase Selfies With Bible Girls Profile: Sarah Location: Genesis 17-23 #MotherAt99 #MotherOfNations #FirstMotherInIsrael #Abe’sWife #Submission#barrenness #miraclebabies #ttc “I’m the one asking you to do this Abe. You know that I would do whatever you ask me to, no matter how uncomfortable it makes me feel.” Her husband was quiet. “This is different. How can I […]


by Laju Iren • June 22, 2017
Courtship is the time to love intelligently; marriage is the time to love blindly. I consider this the most important advice I can give any dating couple. There is a reason why you are not married yet. It is so that you can know each other and discover whether or not you are cut out [...]

15 surprising lessons I learned by losing 15kg

by Laju Iren • June 2, 2017

By Laju Iren Just before I realized I was pregnant with my little princess, I weighed about 76 kg and was thinking of losing weight. As soon as I realised I was pregnant, weight loss was the farthest thing on my mind. In fact, as I climbed the scale just before I gave birth, I […]

Dear Dr Doyin…My Baby Won’t Eat

by Laju Iren • May 24, 2017

I think I am losing my calm, I feel like a bad mother. My 14-month-old just won’t eat anything I offer. My Mum thinks I have spoilt her and suggests force feeding. Please, I need your advice. Hello Mum, I would like to reassure you that you are doing a great job at motherhood. The fact […]

Eight Ways to Make Your Mother-in-law Fall in Love with You

by Laju Iren • April 3, 2017

        It’s was my mummy-in-love’s birthday when I first wrote this post. She has got to be one of the most amazing people on the planet. I did nothing to make her love me. She does, she really really does. However, not every mother-in-law is like mine. Some require much more convincing. […]

30 things I’ve learnt in my one year of being a mum

by Laju Iren • March 27, 2017

  Push! I remember it like it was yesterday. After hoping she would arrive at 38 weeks, and just plain tired of being pregnant, the little princess decided to arrive at exactly 40 weeks. I had been experiencing contractions the night before, but now, things were beginning to get real-painfully real. No one can explain […]

Love versus ‘God said’

by Laju Iren • March 14, 2017

Who chooses your spouse? You or God?   BY LAJU IREN I remember watching a Mount Zion film a few years back. The main character, a Christian sister, had a dream where she was to choose between two suitors. One was ‘supposedly’ handsome and the other wasn’t. I used the term ‘supposedly’ with a mischievous […]

Overcoming lustful thoughts

by Laju Iren • February 20, 2019

  By Laju Iren   There was a time in my life when I saw almost every handsome guy as naked in my mind’s eye. Pretty embarrassing right? It even seems funny now, but it was not at that time. Lustful thoughts followed me everywhere. Even though I was a believer, I seemed to be […]

Pre-Order Two-in-One book, Loving Amanda+Finding Miriam

by Laju Iren • January 22, 2019

Thank you for your interest in pre-ordering my two-in-one book, Loving Amanda and Finding Miriam. The two-in-one book costs N2, 500 but you can pre-order it at N2,100. Your pre-order would be confirmed only after payment has been made. We currently have pick up points at the following locations where you can get your book […]

We’ve been engaged since forever!

by Laju Iren • May 10, 2018

  Unexpected lessons I learned from a long courtship By Laju Iren I still remember the day my husband proposed to me. It wasn’t documented on social media, so I guess we’ll have to depend on my memory. It also means that I’m at liberty to make it as flowery as possible and get away […]

Twenty things I’ve learned in my two years of being a Mummy

by Laju Iren • March 27, 2018

By Laju Iren My daughter is two years old today. It seems like yesterday when she came out face-first out of my body looking absolutely nothing like me, despite our nine-months of bonding, and several hours of labour filled with blood, sweat and tears. Motherhood has been a gruelling experience, but a truly most rewarding […]

The Habits Notes

by Laju Iren • February 13, 2018

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Three years of Marriage: Lessons learnt

by Laju Iren • October 31, 2017

Wow, it seems like yesterday when I first wrote: 30 things I’ve learned in my three minths of marriage. Like play, like play, my Bobo and I have been married three years already. God is really good. Forgive me if this post is short, I am in a race against time. I need to finish […]