For the past two years, I feel like I’ve been led to a guy who will be my husband. I know the guy but he doesn’t know me as such. Even when we meet at church programmes, he doesn’t notice me. What should I do? Should I keep waiting for him and keep on praying or what ma?

My dear, I want to be very frank with you. God will not choose for you, but with you. Start with being friends with this guy, but I don’t think you should go farther than that.

What if you meet the guy and he doesn’t really have the qualities you desire in a husband, will you still keep on insisting that God chose him for you? What if he doesn’t like you in that way? You can’t force him.

Please keep an open mind so that you don’t block your website. Lol.

Know the qualities you desire in a spouse and prayerfully make your choice. It might be that guy, it might not Be. But please, keep an open mind.

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