Dear Laju, I’m AS and my spouse-to-be is of the AS genotype as well. We still love each other in spite of this. What do we do?

Hello dear, thank you for your question. I know quite a number of couples who both have AS genotypes that gone on to have children that do not have SS genotypes.

Sadly however, the reverse is sometimes the case. Many say that the pain of having a child born with the SS genotype is nothing compared to the love you now feel. When such a child goes into crisis, it has a psychological effect on the parents and their marriage. Nothing is as painful as losing a child, or not being sure whether that child will live or die. It is not just emotionally draining but has physical and financial implications as well.

Eventually, Whether or not such couples choose to go on to marry each other is their choice.However, it must be an informed choice. Both parties must be aware of what they are getting into and make their decisions based on such available facts. For instance, there is branch of In Vitro Fertlization, IVF which focuses on Pre-Implantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD), wherein the embryos would be screened, and only those free of the SS genotype would be transferred. This means that such couples can decide not to have children by natural means, but choose this option instead. This is totally different from aborting a pregnancy because the child is SS. It is ensuring that you conceive a non – SS child in the first place. Although it is said to be pretty expensive, if you both can save up for it, and wait until you can afford it before having children, it could prove to be worth it in the long run.