• Marriage
  • Priscilla and Aquila

    ‘I am very sorry Ma.’ The servant’s voice was broken, like the shattered vase on the floor. Priscilla was belligerent. ‘This vase was a wedding present from my grandmother. I will take it from your severance pay.’ The servant was an elderly woman who had served them since they moved to Rome twenty years ago. She […]

  • Marriage
  • Until the wedding night…

      Nine steps to handling sexual temptation in courtship Let’s be real. If you’re dating someone, you’re probably attracted to them. If you’re not, I don’t know whether to congratulate you. God put sexual urges in your body for a reason. He wants you to enjoy sex in marriage. I know what it is like […]

  • Poetry
  • Jesus loves divorcees

    Jesus loves divorcees He doesn’t need your marriage certificate To propose his love His blood stained ring is calling Longing for the heart with the faded mark on her finger.Jesus loves divorcees He rejoices more in your eternal joy Than in happily ever after Even when broken homes don’t mend He’ll heal your broken heart […]

  • Short Stories

    Hadiza Run! The dreadful sound of machine guns pierced through the once calm night. ‘Insha Allah, he is my only son.’ She had never heard mama so frightened. Was that Abdullahi, wailing profusely? Hadiza woke up with a start. ‘Diza, run!’ She had not been dreaming. Abdullahi terrified voice warning her in his last moments. […]