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Profile: Sarah

Location: Genesis 17-23

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“I’m the one asking you to do this Abe. You know that I would do whatever you ask me to, no matter how uncomfortable it makes me feel.”

Her husband was quiet. “This is different. How can I be with another woman? I have never asked you to do such a thing.”

It didn’t take much for the waterworks to begin.

“But you’ve  …”

“You asked me to leave all that we knew and follow you”, she cut in abruptly. I didn’t complain. You asked me to change my name to Sarah, mother of nations, when I didn’t, and still don’t have even one child. I obeyed’

Her pain broke his heart.

‘That was God, not me,’ replied Abraham, softly.

‘Was it God that also asked me to lie that I was your sister?’

Sarah knew she was pushing it, but she felt so hurt.

You don’t know how scared I was in that man’s house, wondering what would happen, because you sent me there.

Now I’m asking you to do something for me.”

Abraham didn’t know what to say. He truly believed it when God told him that Sarah would birth a son for him. He was sure she believed it too. However, this was a moment of weakness for her, just like asking her to pretend to be his sister had been a moment of weakness for him.

Besides, Sarah owned her servant, he reasoned. The son would be Sarah’s and his.

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