• Marriage
  • Priscilla & Aquila (PART 3)

    Missed part two? Read it here. Priscilla looked over the sea. The same God who made the sea and all the creatures in it; the world and all the people in it, came to die for her sins and now dwelt in her! Her heart swelled with thanksgiving. “What’s a girl like you doing in […]

  • Marriage
  • Priscilla and Aquila

    ‘I am very sorry Ma.’ The servant’s voice was broken, like the shattered vase on the floor. Priscilla was belligerent. ‘This vase was a wedding present from my grandmother. I will take it from your severance pay.’ The servant was an elderly woman who had served them since they moved to Rome twenty years ago. She […]

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  • The Baby Daddy

      By Laju Iren ‘You said what?’ Joe’s mind was in a million places at once. She couldn’t be! ‘But we haven’t…we haven’t’ He wasn’t a drinking man. The only way he wouldn’t remember his first sexual encounter was if he was dead drunk. Mae’s big beautiful eyes were filled with tears. Even her soft […]