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Finding Miriam (Free Chapter)

by Laju Iren • January 22, 2019

Chapter One Miriam hated this place. When Goch asked her how good her Hausa was, she thought he just needed a brief translation, she had no idea that this was what he had in mind. The blazing hot sun seeped through her cotton blouse, heightening her irritation even more. “Oga, I thought you said your […]

Loving Amanda (Free Chapter)

by Laju Iren • July 29, 2018

Chapter One How difficult could it possibly be? Goch cleared his throat for the umpteenth time since the journey began. When he made up his mind to finally start preaching in the bus during last night’s service, he had no idea that his palms would be so sweaty. The bus left the park only three […]