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Jesus loves divorcees

by Laju Iren • January 11, 2017

Jesus loves divorcees He doesn’t need your marriage certificate To propose his love His blood stained ring is calling Longing for the heart with the faded mark on her finger.Jesus loves divorcees He rejoices more in your eternal joy Than in happily ever after Even when broken homes don’t mend He’ll heal your broken heart […]

Jesus loves the unloved

by Laju Iren • January 11, 2017

Jesus loves the unloved. After five nuptials and a fling The woman at the well Met perfect grace in the seventh Once silent in shame Now yelling his name ‘He told me all I ever did’ Jesus loves the unloved. His roots, Judah’s tree. A sign before he was made flesh He wiped the tears […]

Jesus Loves Prostitutes

by Laju Iren • January 10, 2017

By Laju Iren Jesus loves prostitutes. Forget the low whistle when the window’s down The extra tip after all’s said and done Or the sweet sighs when the act is on. Jesus loves prostitutes. Beyond the make-up and the curvy lips, The hot clothes and sexy hips, He sees a heart that longs for peace. […]


by Laju Iren • October 31, 2016

I don’t care if your smiles Are as beautiful as the stars in the skies, It doesn’t matter if your voice, Makes my simple heart melt like ice Even though the sound of your voice, Could make one believe you’re the perfect choice, I’ll muster all my strength and state, Again that I choose to […]